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As night changes the day
As stars change the Sun
The time changes the way
Of things being done,

The way people think,
The way people feel
Thoughts sometimes it seemed
That to change is unreal.

You can try to change your destiny
And say «It is mine».
But your life is a sailing
In the river called TIME.

It is so amazing
How everything changes.
You think that you’re crazy,
Your feelings are strange.

You try to understand them
But you can’t do that
’Cause you’re thinking only
Of a men you’ve just met.

Your heart’s beating faster
When he’s standing near.
And when he has left
You can feel a strange fear.

The fear of that
He will not come again
And if this would happened
You’d go insane.

And it gets dark
And stars are shining above
Night silence is whispering
That your feelings are LOVE.

Natalia Sheviakova (IBE class 2005 — the Second higher education)

If there is nobody around you and you feel youself lonely don’t be afraid of this feeling of loneliness, because there are people not somewhere in the world but close to you, whose loneliness is much more bigger. Their loneliness cannot be expressed in simple words and it is difficult to understand it. It is PAIN. Think about this word. Only four letters… P A I N… Only four letters that mean nothing. But if you put them together… Pain is something that is very common this days. Pain of parents, who do not have children anymore. Children’s eyes… full of hope, hope that was aborted. Pain of the children, who do not have parents anymore.

We can only try to understand their PAIN, their loneliness. But even this try is worth a lot. It means that we are people, that we can be together with our friends in our minds, in our thoughts. I said «friends» and it is not a mistake. All people are friends in such days. And the most important thing is taht we must be FRIENDS not only now, but ALWAYS…

Think about it…

Oxana Vasilkova (IBE class 2005)


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