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About IBE

The Institute of International Business Education (IBE) is a contemporary young educational institution with a proven track record. It was established as a joint Russian-American educational project in 1992, then named the Zelenograd Business College. Today, IBE is among the top Russian business schools included in the list of most successful institutions by the Central and East European Association of Management Development (CEEMAN).

From the very beginning in 1992, the Institute of International Business Education (former the Zelenograd Business College) has been located in the heart of Russian hi-tech industry, in a very beautiful green district of Moscow called Zelenograd.

Zelenograd Zelenograd
IBE building IBE building

The Institute features a well-designed, applicable 4-year curriculum to prepare Bachelors of Business Administration, with a strong emphasis on English language training international project, the Institute provides training in both Russian and English languages. Each year a number of professors from the U.S. and Western Europe are invited to lecture on the latest developments and tools in a variety of topics including finance, international business, strategic management, and other subjects. Our founding partner the University of Tulsa (Oklahoma) has been leading this effort since IBE’s inception, but professors from several other institutions such as The University of South Carolina, American University, Auburn University, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland, George Washington University, Abo Akademie University, and Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration have also visited the Institute.
The idea of establishing business school in the newly-formed Russian Federation was challenging, and in May of 1992  and overcame all obstacles and succeeded in founding one of the first joint Russian-American business schools.

The general objectives pursued by the Institute are as follows:

  • To provide excellent management education at the international level to prepare young managers to represent the interests of Russian enterprises both domestically and internationally in the 21st century.
  • To equip our graduates with the expertise, skills, and understanding of the latest developments in business theories and concepts with a truly international vision.
  • To educate fair-minded managers who can successfully lead their teams in a highly-competitive and culturally diverse global business environment.

Our students are exposed to problem solving, entrepreneurship, and nimbleness in the face of change that are the hallmarks of success of managers and administrators in the private and public sectors.

Beyond first-rate teaching, the Institute’s faculty brings to the classroom the value added of practical experience in business and government as well as personal involvement in the most current management issues and innovations.

Outside the classroom, the Institute’s students apply what they have learned in internships and cooperative education programs by working for companies in and around Moscow. They learn to think globally and ethically, to communicate clearly, to embrace technology, and to manage others as they would want to be managed.

In 2000 the official opening of the IBE Student Career Center was held. The purpose of our Center is to assist the IBE students and graduates in their pursuit of finding work opportunities (both part-time and full-time) to fully utilize their excellent business education and natural abilities. Our services are free to all enrolled students and only a small donation is requested from others.

Our staff develops extensive contacts within the Moscow Area business community to assist these partner companies in filling some of their employment needs by matching them with qualified, dependable and honest IBE students/graduates.



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