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Ilya Egorov

Ilya V. Egorov


Tel.: (499)710 20 01, E-mail:


Docent of Department of Humanities

Scientific degree



Moscow State University named after V.Lenin, College of Pedagogy and Psychology

Work experience

Since 2001 – Institute of International Business Education (Moscow, Zelenograd). Department of Humanities, Docent

Since 1998 – Moscow City Pedagogical University, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, Docent

Since 1995 — Education research center of Russia Trade unions, Psychologist-adviser

1993–1996 — College of Medicine # 2 (Moscow), Psychologist

Scientific works

Published about 40 works: scientific articles, curriculums, methodical recommendations and manuals. Publications reflect results of work on psychological anthropology; on psycho diagnostics; on psychology of leadership; on psychology of public performances; on use of methods of active socially-psychological training in colleges

Achievements and affiliations

Lecture and practice course "Psychological synthesis — the theory and practice”; "Family psychotherapy. System approach” — training-seminar (Department og Pedagogy and Psychology at MSPI); course «Psychodrama Skills» at the Center of professional trainings of MSPI

Specialty areas

Using of active forms of socially-psychological training; Psychological anthropology; Problem of socially-psychological qualities of the person

Courses and lectures in IBE

Psychology and Pedagogy
Social Psychology
Advertising Psychology

Additional information

Experience of trainings carrying out since 1991 year to present time (with students, teachers of colleges, businessmen, trade-union leaders, different age, social and professional people groups).
Trainings of sales, trainings of administrative skills, development of negotiating skills, and also trainings for developing skills to resolve conflicts. There were hold the trainings in a network of shoe shops "K&C ", in the Educational center of the Moscow city telephone system (MGTS).
Experience of trainings carrying out on business dialogue, skill to negotiate, and developments of administrative skills (in regions): Sayany alumina factory (SAZ), factory «Foil of Sayany» (Khakasiya, Sayanogorsk), Baykal Pulp-and-paper combine (Irkutsk region, Baykalsk).
Participation as the psychologist-trainer in international TASIS program. Carrying out of trainings on skills development of intermediary at negotiations (St. -Petersburg, Kaluga, Penza).
Trainings on psychological aspects of negotiating with representatives of companies «Danon», «Nestle», «Соса- Cola».

1. English.
2. Computer skills: Windows, Word, Exсеl, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, etc.). Program: SPSS, MathCAD.

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